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Bring Work Back to Life

I always enjoy reading your articles in WORKFORCE, but the column "Get a Life!" (October 1999) was exceptional. After reading it, I felt so much better for resisting the urge to "keep up" with my peers at work who look down on me (and aren't afraid to tell my boss this-not me) for not putting in 60 hours a week, sacrificing my weekends and taking work home. They can't seem to understand that I am dedicated-but my dedications are ranked differently than theirs. Thanks again. You really hit it on the nose!

Vicky Berneking

Human Resources Manager

PVC Plastics Company

Evansville, Indiana

I just wanted to say "amen" to "Get a Life' " your October column in WORKFORCE regarding work invading our lives.

My boss has established the expectation for us to return all calls within 24 hours-sounds good, except he said that includes weekends, vacations, sick time, etc. I've chosen to use my voice-mail message to change that-1 state if I will be out of the office, I won't be returning calls and leave a contact person. Otherwise, they just have to wait until I return.

Balance is critical to survival. I hope people respond to your column and start a revolution in placing reasonable boundaries around work time versus private time. Thanks for your frank perspective and keep up the great work-and leisure.

Karen Stevens

Staffing Specialist

Goodyear Tire & Rubber

Wife & Mother Co-Chair

Stevens Family Chaos Inc.

Your Top Ten Aren't Sacred

As a professional who has found WORKFORCE to be a consistently helpful resource, I was dismayed to read the "Top Ten Workplace Commandments" in the October 1999 edition of your magazine.

Surely, the prime ethical rule for an increasingly diverse workforce is to avoid knowingly trampling on values that others might hold central or sacred.

It appears not to have occurred to your editorial staff that many of your professional readership takes the original Ten Commandments seriously and does not find much humor in a lampoon of what millions of people in three major theistic faiths worldwide believe were literally inspired by God. Just as I would not impose my beliefs on others, I expect others to be respectful of those beliefs.

Marlowe C Embree, Ph.D

Senior Consultant

Career Development Group

Embrace Temp Staffing

I am surprised and disappointed in WORKFORCE. By using the words "Temp Staffing" in the title for your article "Temp Staffing Carries Legal Risk" (September 1999), you have mislead employers across the United States to believe that the root of the Microsoft problem discussed in the article is with the temporary staffing industry, as opposed to its true source, their usage of 1099 independent contractors. …

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