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Emergency Fuel

Magazine article Law & Order

Emergency Fuel

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No patrol car should be without it

I happens almost every day, you pull up behind a stranded motorist at the side of the busy highway. More likely than not, ,the embarrassed driver has run out of gasoline. With lights flashing, you wait until a roadside service can bring some gasoline. Not only does this take time that could be better used for more pressing duties, a traffic jam probably results as motorists slow down to look.

Running out of gasoline is not only embarrassing and inconvenient, it can be dangerous. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation running out of gasoline fuel is the second leading cause of vehicle breakdown. In California alone, about 100 people are killed annually as a result of vehicle disablement, whether they remain in the vehicle or walk to get help. Many more people are injured and there is extensive property damage resulting from collisions with stalled or disabled vehicles.

Emergency Solutions, LLC has come up with a very safe and convenient solution that will get the motorist on his or her way very quickly SPARE TANKTM Emergency Fuel. The patented product is specifically formulated for emergency use in a vehicle that accidentally runs out of conventional gasoline.

Emergency Fuel is a unique blend of environmentally safe, bio-degradable, organic and synthetic compounds. The National Fire Prevention Agency (NFPA) and Department of Transportation (DOT) have given the blend a rating of "Combustible" and thus it is not flammable. This compares to the NFPA and DOT rating of "Flammable" for conventional gasoline because it is significantly more hazardous. It is legal and safe to store in the trunk of any vehicle in all 50 states.

SPARE TANK Emergency Fuel is so safe that it can be shipped through the U.S. mail and by UPS. It can be stored indefinitely in a vehicle since it remains stable in long-term storage and develops less pressure than orange juice when stored in a hot trunk. …

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