Magazine article Technology and Children

The Sal-Proof Blueberry Pail

Magazine article Technology and Children

The Sal-Proof Blueberry Pail

Article excerpt

McCloskey, R. (1949/1976). Blueberries for Sal. New York: Puffin Books. [51 pages; ISBN 0- 14-050169-X]

Summary of Book

Blueberries For Sal takes place at Blueberry Hill as a mother and her daughter, Sal, pick blueberries to can for the winter. Mother tells Sal to fill her pail with blueberries from the blueberry patch, but Sal would much rather eat the blueberries. Sal eats berries from the bottom of her pail and from her mother's pail, too. Each time Sal put a berry in her pail, she ate four more out of it. By the end of the day, Sal went home without a single berry in her pail.

Design Brief

Grades K-1

In the story, Sal came home with no blueberries in her pail because she kept eating all of them. Every time she heard a berry hit the bottom of the pail, she got the berry back out and popped it in her mouth. How could you keep Sal from eating all the berries that she picks? Design and make a pail that will hold blueberries, but, will not allow Sal to easily get the berries back out of her pail until she goes home with her mother to can them. …

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