Magazine article Tikkun

Morning Person

Magazine article Tikkun

Morning Person

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Morning Person

Holly Near

Holly Near is a singer/songwriter but, above all, she is a teacher and healer. Copyright ??? 2000 by Holly Near.

Winter morning. 1955. Should I sleep a little longer in my cozy dreams or put my feet on the cold floor? I hear Mom crumpling yesterday's newspaper, lighting the wood stove. She slips out into the morning moonlight to milk the cow. I want to be with her, with the moon. I am up and, for ever after, a morning person.

Our house is filled with music. Paul Robeson, The Weavers, Lena Horne, Judy Garland, Edith Piaf, Pablo Cassals, Mahalia Jackson. Hope and disappointment perfectly entangled in each breath. They seem eager to be alive even in the face of great risks like racism, poverty, drugs, child abuse, and fame. I stand in front of the mirror imagining their sounds coming out of my little body. This is how I learn the honest notes from the false notes. With these icons as my guides, sleeping in is not an option.

Winter morning. 2000. The bear in me enters the cave to sleep, to learn from my dreams. I have lost my sense of direction. Trust. Lost, I am teachable. We are much older than 2,000 years. We underestimate ourselves, distilling our diversity into a dominant culture calendar. Halloween narrowed down to witches and pumpkins. Spring equinox dressed in chocolate and bunnies. If I sing this in front of the mirror I find false notes.

I feel uncomfortable walking alone into the birthday party. I don't really know Him. I forgot to bring a gift. People are drinking too much and talking too loud. I have worn the wrong clothes. I vow once again never to go out on a New Year's Eve with so many lost people on the highway.

Stop. Go back to the morning. Before the sun. It is still dark in the northern part of the world. The down under feels her heat creeping over the horizon. Watch her, listen. Mother Nature promises us transformation by example. Still we lose sight of faith.

"Where have all the movements gone?" I wonder. Bad habit. Brilliant change is everywhere. True, circumstances may shake us until our teeth rattle, but once we surrender to the huge arms of participation, it is a natural home. So many of us have come to this place. Why do we doubt our journey here?

Notice the speed at which the Civil Rights movement transformed the world. It did not fix the world, it transformed it. …

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