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Institutional Medical Management System

Magazine article Corrections Forum

Institutional Medical Management System

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Designed as an integrated solution for today's complex Correctional Healthcare Facilities, CorrMedica is a comprehensive and cost-effective institutional medical management that automates correctional health care operations.

CorrMedica incorporates standard medical policies and procedures with an electronic medical chart. Patient charting follows the natural flow of events in a medical session and provides the tools necessary to record information and carry out tasks. It also allows accurate records to be shared throughout the facility using a single database, eliminating duplicate data entry.

Because CorrMedica seamlessly interfaces with existing institutional management systems such as CorrLogic's Premier IMS all inmate data can be shared throughout the facility. A comprehensive security system allows only medical staff to control sensitive medical data.

CorrLogic is committed to addressing the high liability potential faced by medical staff on a daily basis, and the electronic system is a way that corrections health care professionals can spend more time on their primary responsibilities, while increasing the quality of inmate health care.

Here are several components of the program:

* Medical Encounters-Create, schedule and maintain the results of an inmate's medical encounter. …

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