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800 MP Trains to Standard

Magazine article Army Reserve Magazine

800 MP Trains to Standard

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Flashback! 1991! Seventy thousand Iraqi soldiers storm and invade the 800th Military Police Brigade's stronghold in Saudi Arabia determined to break through the perimeter.

Like a relentless pursuit, they eagerly trek their way straight past the 800th's front gate virtually unchallenged. The 800th has no choice but to let them through. The Iraqis were surrendering.

Despite being bombarded with the onslaught of enemy prisoners of war during the Gulf War, the 800th managed to adhere to the guidelines of the Geneva Convention, which states that all prisoners of war must be treated humanely. The 800th processed, treated and fed the entire mass because it is the only MP Brigade in the Army that handles EPW's.

Even before it's real world mobilization in 1991, the 8001h had been conducting annual training at Fort. A.P. Hill, VA., in order to sharpen and maintain their military police skills and to train in the operations of an EPW camp under the laws of the Geneva Convention.

"We are in the people business," said Col. Joe Campano, deputy commander of the 800th MP Bde.

"We are required to protect all people. Their lives, health and safety are our responsibility. It's a big job and we had to build a small city to do it."

More than 2,500 soldiers, Marines and civilians were occupants of that city in this year's EPW exercise dubbed Gold Sword IV. Soldiers and airmen from Britain, Germany and Australia also were involved in the June exercise. …

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