Magazine article Journal of Property Management

Out of Many, One

Magazine article Journal of Property Management

Out of Many, One

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Individual participation is the heart of any voluntary organization. Whether we are raising money for our favorite charity or giving up our Saturdays to coach Little League, our willingness to spend time and energy on a project shows our commitment to its success.

The same need for participation and commitment exists within IREM today. Like every volunteer group, the Institute depends upon its members for direction, support, and inspiration. The willingness of all members to take an active part in making our organization stronger is essential.

While IREM has always offered the opportunity for participation at the chapter level, the last year has seen some significant new initiatives to facilitate member involvement at the regional and national levels. For the first time, IREM held a "town hall meeting" at its annual convention so that all attendees could share their ideas directly with IREM leadership in an informal setting. The same town meeting format was used at each of the 1999 regional meetings so that members who do not regularly attend the national conference could be part of the process. The entire town meeting concept was so successful that it is now a regular part of future IREM conventions.

Members with Internet access also have opportunities to share ideas with each other through the IREM Member Forum at This interactive portion of the member section will soon be divided into interest areas to facilitate more efficient communication. Another electronic communication tool that will soon aid member involvement is a special "presidential forum," in which members can e-mail IREM's national president directly with questions or concerns.

The spirit of participation and an understanding of shared goals has also carried over into IREM's relationship with the NATioNAL AssocIATION OF REALTORS. Although every point of difference has not yet resolved, a new sense of cooperation and a recognition of the mutual benefits the 66-year-old alliance brings to both parties has helped promote a willingness to find common ground.

As we begin a new millennium in which technology brings us closer together than ever before, I believe that all IREM's members should seize these new opportunities to become more actively involved in the present and future of their association. …

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