AVCE Marketing Research - Dave Needham Heinemann Educational

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AVCE MARKETING RESEARCH - Dave Needham Heinemann Educational - Price £52.50 ISBN 0435 456881


This is a pack of photocopiable material for lecturers to help them with the delivery of the Marketing Research module on the AVCE Business unit, but it could be used by anyone who needs to deliver this topic on any Business course( I have used some of the material on the Foundation degree in Business course).

The file is used to cover 5 main areas which are:

1 Market Segmentation

2 The purpose of Market Research

3 Research Methods

4 Research and Evaluation

5 The limitations of Market Research

Also included at the end are some examples of test papers as this unit is externally assessed One problem here is with the format of the paper which could have been in the style of the actual papers used rather than the style they have adopted.

Format and style

This is very user friendly with good examples from the world of Business, for each chapter there was a mixture of information, tasks and activities. To best illustrate the contents we can look at a typical chapter. Chapter 4 is about research methods i.e. Sampling. It begins with a useful list of what topics you need to know (this would be good to use as a revision ticket list). We then progress to a good set of lecture notes on all of the sampling method with examples and case studies (however some of the cases are a bit obtuse such as building a casino for sampling methods). There is then a very good section on how to record sample results and the problems of scaling. The chapter finishes with a set of activities which I found very useful when it comes to revision sessions e. …