Magazine article Workforce

Magazine article Workforce

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Online-Only Columnists Forget the Tux

A little bit of informality can go a long way in a workplace. In his latest column on the keys to a meaningful workplace, Tom Terez shares his views and provides practical ideas. (Don't worry, this doesn't involve Nerf balls!) This is one of the many online-only opinion columns available in February.

The Edsel of Communication

When Ford famously rolled out its 1957 Edsel model automobile, it thought it knew what people wanted without asking-only to find it was wrong from the beginning. Rumors of an IBM cash-- balance pension plan last year set off a firestorm of employee protest. Mike Markowich explains why you need to consult with your employees and customers before making decisions about employee handbooks, 40 1 (k)s, company change and more.

Online-Only Features Avoiding 1-9 Penalties


How can you avoid running afoul of the INS? An immigration attorney explains what you need to know about the dreaded I-9 form.

Interview Practice

Are you interviewing for a position at your organization ... or at another? This month, learn strategies you can use in answering 50 of the most common interview questions.

Coordinated Approach to Behavioral Health

Most likely, each of your benefit programs-such as health care coverage, STD, LTD, workers' compensation and wellness/health promotion initiatives-is administered in a silo. There probably is little, if any sharing of information among benefit plans, creating costly redundancies and missed opportunities to keep employees working effectively.

This month, David Dintenfass, a former executive at a managed behavioral care company and now a PricewaterhouseCoopers consultant, provides several steps an employer can take toward introducing coordinated behavioral health benefits.

Benefits in the Non-profit Sector


Are you an employer at a church, or for a government agency, or a nonprofit? If so, you probably have questions about how the alphabet soup of benefits laws-from ERISA to HIPAA to COBRA-applies to you. This month, an attorney reviews how a variety of tax and benefit-related laws apply and don't apply to the private sector.

Online Advice 'Dear Workforce' Answers Your Questions

WORKFORCE.COM editors and a team of consultants have been answering the questions you send in about strategic HR, compensation, benefits, technology, business and management and more. A couple of examples of recent questions:


We Ire thinking of mandating direct deposit of paychecks. …

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