New Commands Help Lexis/Nexis Users Perform More Precise Online Searching

Article excerpt

The Lexis/Nexis services are now offering new commands that enable users to conduct more precise searching. The commands aid the user in specifying the plural or singular of a word in a search, duplicating unique capitalization or searching for words or phrases with no caps, and specifying the frequency of a search term within a document. The enhancements are a direct response to customer requests for help in devising more precise searches on the online services offered by Mead Data Central, Inc.

Examples of the new search terms are as follow:


ALLCAPS: allcaps (aids) will find AIDS but not aids.

CAPS: caps (supervga) will find SuperVga, SUPERVGA, Supervga, superVGA.

NOCAPS: nocaps (supervga will find only supervga.


SINGULAR: singular (dog) will find dog and dog's but not dogs or dogs'.

PLURAL: plural (dog) will find dogs and dogs' but not dog or dog's.

COMBINED: singular (dog) AND NOT plural (dog) will find dog but not documents in which dogs appears.


ATLEAST: atleast30 (negligence) will find documents with at least 30 occurrences of negligence; atleast50 (negligence OR contributory) will find documents with at least 50 occurrences of either contributory or negligence; atleast50 negligence AND contributory) will find documents with at least 50 occurrences each of contributory and negligence; and atleast3 (lead roe!) will find documents with at least three mentions of Roe or roe or ROE in the LEAD segment of a Nexis document.

The new search terms may be used with all U.S. and U.K. documents, with the FOCUS feature and with the universal characters (* and !). They may be used in combination with each other. There is no additional cost for using the terms. …


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