WOMEN'S WIRE Online Grand Opening

Article excerpt

WOMEN'S WIRE (Worldwide Information Resource & Exchange), the first international, interactive computer network dedicated to women, has announced its grand opening. For the first time, individuals and organizations can quickly and easily access up-to-date databases, discussions, alerts, abstracts, resources and experts on health, politics, career, finance, technology, parenting, education, lifestyle and many other issues of interest to women. Women and men can log onto WOMEN'S WIRE and discuss topics of interest with each other, network to solve problems, instantly access information, keep in touch with family and friends via e-mail, and participate in newsgroups and mailing lists from other systems on the Internet.

The easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI) means that computer users can participate actively from their first contact, with almost no learning curve. The GUI is currently available for Mac and Windows computers, with a DOS version to be announced later this year. A command line interface is also available. WOMEN'S WIRE offers e-mail, mailing lists, UPI Newswires, and Usenet newsgroups. Subscribers can telnet to WOMEN'S WIRE using the vt-100 based command line interface.

WOMEN'S WIRE encourages calls from customers and makes a support team available at no charge. "Part of our mission is to introduce more women to computer networking by providing friendly and consistent user support," said Nancy Rhine, co-founder and director. "We want people to ask questions and learn."

WOMEN'S WIRE has added dynamic new discussion areas each week, building an infrastructure for women networking across the globe. Each new forum--such as The Doctor's Inn, Technology Circle, Business Roundtable, Culinary Corner, NewsCafe, and Fixit Forum--is run by a professional who offers advice and sparks conversation. Subscribers wrestle with leaky faucets and growing their own businesses; they are discussing politics, sharing career opportunities or creative writing, starting book clubs and exchanging parenting advice.

"This is a community where women have the rare opportunity to interact on the basis of their interests, wit, personality and quality of thought. …


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