Information Access Company Adds 750 ASAP Titles to NEXIS

Article excerpt

Information Access Company has added more than 750 of its full-text sources to Mead Data Central's NEXIS service. The full-text equivalent of Trade & Industry ASAP, Magazine ASAP, Computer ASAP, and Health Periodicals Database was added to the NEXIS service on February 1, 1994 with coverage extending back to 1983. These sources join the approximately 180 sources already grouped together in the ASAPII file in the NEWS Library. ASAPII is updated daily.

Trade & industry ASAP sources, which include trade and regional business publications as well as economic, management, and business professional journals, provide coverage of more than 65 major industries, and may be searched for information on companies and industries, products and technologies, economic policy, market trends, financial performance, and management theory and practice.

Magazine ASAP sources include popular magazines and general interest publications that focus broadly on consumer trends, popular culture, contemporary lifestyles and leisure activities, current events, and political opinion.

Computer ASAP covers the leading business and technical publications in the computer, telecommunications, and electronics industries. Trade journals, industry newsletters, technical journals, and platform/product specific publications are among Computer ASAP's sources, featuring comprehensive coverage of companies, market data, emerging trends and technologies, hardware and software applications, network advances, computer language revisions, and industry personalities.

Health Periodicals Database provides, both for the business and the medical/health professional, access to consumer health and professional medical publications as well as hard-to-find health pamphlets. Coverage runs the gamut from medicine and health to nutrition and fitness, focusing on such topics as prenatal care, AIDS, healthcare administration, diagnosis, research findings, diseases and treatment, patient education, product announcements, and healthcare costs. …


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