Magazine article New Internationalist

Make a Killing

Magazine article New Internationalist

Make a Killing

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A new initiative called recently landed in the Seriously inbox. It was inspired by the Pentagon's recent idea for a futures market in terror and war, which it had to retract amid public outcry. Now a consortium of computer scientists, political scientists and others has taken up the idea with an online futures market in White House behaviour.

'The Pentagon felt that a market in terrorism futures could predict terrorism,' said AAM spokesperson Tad Hirsch. 'If the market is indeed such a powerful tool, then it should be directed at the most urgent question facing the world: what will the White House to next?'

The website will offer various categories of 'futures' that users can bet on and trade, including:

Who will be the next foreign leader to move from the CIA payroll to the White House 'most wanted' list?

What will be the next major White House lie to break, and how will the White House attempt to control it? Will the attempt be successful?

Which corporation will be next to see its close relationship to the White House erupt in scandal? …

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