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House Moving

Magazine article Phi Kappa Phi Forum

House Moving

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The trucks lurch with their burdens down the asphalt,

which groans and slowly depresses underneath,

and the street will never be the same. Four houses

without foundation advance on flatbeds

and seem to gain momentum like boulders

rolled away from the mouths of tombs,

or babies c-sectioned from their mother's wombs.

Behind them, the aging neighbors grumble,

abandoned along with the buried toys

of children now grown up and the skeletons

of pets in backyard graves. The maples

whose thick limbs are trimmed to clear the passage

were planted when the sawn lumber was sweet

and full of sap, and the nails still shiny with pounding.

These houses have long pasts, like my own

concrete porch where I stand, feeling stationary.

Do their histories labor by on those flatbeds

ghosts in wedding veils, christening gowns,

carpenters' aprons, academic regalia?

Or do they stay behind, pale shades lounging

on the maple branches or flattening themselves

against the poured walls of exposed basements? …

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