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Magazine article Workforce

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Ford Hotwires Employees

Ford Motor Co. announces it will provide eligible employees with a computer, printer and Internet access at home for a nominal fee. The goal, according to Ford, is to further the company's commitment to an e-business strategy. It is hoped that providing employees a means to develop skills in the home will speed employee training and increase understanding of the needs of consumers.

Economy Full Steam Ahead

The U.S. economy enters its 107th month of continued economic growth in February 2000, making the current expansion the longest in the nation's history. Employers start the new year by adding 387,000 jobs, resulting in an unemployment rate of 4 percent-the lowest in 30 years. Despite persisting inflation fears, consumer confidence as of January is at its highest level since the inception of the consumer confidence index in the 1960s.

State of HR in the Union

President Clinton speaks on January 27 to several HR issues in his final State of the Union address, including health care and the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), He requests that Congress raise the minimum wage and provide higher tax credits for longterm home care. Other goals for the remainder of his presidential term include a passage of a "patients' bill of rights," and the preservation of such benefits as Social Security and Medicare.

HR Goes Flat at Coca-Cola

News of The Coca-Cola Co.".s impending downsizing in January upset the stomachs of a number of HR professionals, who noted that FIR would be among the first departments to fizzle among the over 3,000 U.S. employees to be cut from the payroll.

Coca-Cola employees don't like to discuss the downsizing, which company president and CEO Douglas Daft says is a way of making sure Coca-Cola is "optimally positioned for a changing world."

But the downsizing occasioned plenty of high-octane discussion at a recent WORKFOR(-[.CONI Poll of 1, 160 HR professionals during the first week of February. The poll asked why FIR often seems so dispensable to downsizing companies. Nearly a third of respondents- -29 percent--said that the main reason is because it's hard to quantify HR's worth to organizations. In fact, 75 percent of respondents gave answers related to quantifying HR, namely that HR tends not to align itself with business priorities, nor does the profession market its services well.

Francene Taylor, a staffing manager at the Atlanta-based Integrated Facility Division of Johnson Controls Inc. …

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