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Some Companies Just Aren't Ready for CBT

Magazine article Workforce

Some Companies Just Aren't Ready for CBT

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Everyone seems to be searching for the latest high-tech gadget to solve their training problems.

Given the host of training solutions on the market-- high-tech and otherwise-the decision to implement any technology, such as Webbased training, distance training or computer-based training, can appear to be an overwhelming task. And in some cases, rapid implementation of new and unfamiliar high-tech solutions can alienate some employees.

The truth is that the decision to implement a high-tech solution relies on the same basic rules as implementation of any training program; companies must assess their needs as an organization, determine their desired outcomes, and create a means in which to measure the outcomes.

Using only high-tech training solutions may not necessarily be the answer to your prayers, but infusing technology with your overall training program can help build the best training program for your company's needs.

Identity needs

The key to using technology in training is to choose which technological solutions are most appropriate for you, your organization and employees. A transition into high-tech learning might begin with mixing technology into a current curriculum.

For example, Company A might have its employees go online and take a short quiz or even reply to a pre-training questionnaire via e-mail.

Conversely, the option to follow-up on a day of live training with a Web-based course critique would be an excellent way to begin to blend technology into a current program.

Organizations like Webbased testing instrument Cyber Exam offer simple programs for creating tests, quizzes and surveys, and even offer to host the program for corporate trainers.

Additionally, tracking and reporting on training programs within your organization are critical functions. This process can be made easier by use of a learning management system. Such a system can be used very effectively to create, track and report on entire programs within your organization without forcing dramatic changes in your current programs. These programs vary greatly in price, features and ease of use.

Top-end systems like Saba Systems are intended to work across entire enterprises and manage every aspect of training within an organization. Saba Systems' programs carry a price tag at six figures and beyond.

At the other end of the spectrum is Allen Communications' Manager Edge. which can be purchased and deployed for as little as a few dollars per employee, while accomplishing many of the same things more expensive systems deliver. In this scenario you don't have to force a high-tech training solution onto an unsuspecting workforce. You can rely instead on traditional methods like video and live presentation to leverage technology without alienating your workforce. …

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