Magazine article VFW Magazine

Publishers Preserve Military History

Magazine article VFW Magazine

Publishers Preserve Military History

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Six Leading Military Book Publishers Profiled

Enhancing public understanding of what America's war veterans endured is possible in limited ways. While movies (only rarely) and museums can convey some of the experiences of war, only books hold the full potential for effectively reaching mass audiences.

Several book-publishing firms have made it their mission to tell the story of the nation's martial past. VFW magazine is profiling them because they have contributed much to preserving the collective memory of the sacrifices made by Americans on the battlefield. For posterity, this is an essential service.

For handy reference, a capsule overview of their operations appears on the following page. To learn about available books, call the toll-free number and ask for a free catalog.


* Military History Books Published: Thousands over the past 100 years; about 800 in the last decade.

* Best-Seller: Nimitz (1976)-by E.B. Potter

* Future Books: "We plan to continue with our naval biography series, special warfare series, classics of naval literature series, along with histories of naval aviation, the early sailing navy, evolution of warships, etc. The focus for spring 2000 is on the 50th anniversary of the Korean War."

Importance of Military History: "All our publications are directly related to the Institute's mission of advancing the professional, literary and scientific knowledge of the naval and maritime services, as well as enhancing knowledge of sea power.

"The Naval Institute's 100-plus-year publishing record is a good indication of the significance we place on preserving and promoting military history. From ancient Greek warfare to modern fleet tactics, from war histories of famous ships to war memoirs by officers and enlisted personnel, our publishing program authoritatively records important events and deeds of the past to inform and inspire future generations. We must learn from past experience not only to avoid repeating mistakes, but to have positive role models for future military actions.'

*For a catalog, call: 1-800-233-8764 or www.


* Military History Books Published: Hundreds with 90 still available on the backlist by Stackpole and 50 others by Stackpoleassociated distributors.

* Best-Seller: They MetAt Gettysburg (1956) by Gen. Edward Stackpole.

* Future Books: "We will continue to focus on our primary strength-Civil War history-with a number of titles on the battles and leaders that shaped that war. We hope to also offer additional titles on early U.S. military history, including the American Revolution and the American frontier, as well as titles on British and European military history."

* Importance of Military History: "It is important to preserve and promote military history so that we may honor those whose sacrifices preserved our freedom. And, more important, we might learn from the lessons of the past and allow the wisdom of hindsight to guide the decisions the nation makes regarding future military policy."

* For a catalog, call: 1-800-732-3669 or www.stackpolebooks. com

3 ABC-CLIO, INC. (1955)

* Military History Books Published: 22 (Its specialty is comprehensive military history encyclopedias.)

* Best-Seller: Encyclopedia of the Vietnam War. A Political, Social and Military History (1998) by Spencer C. Tucker.

* Future Books: "Everything-with special reference to war's impact on the society at large. In 2000, we are proud to publish the most comprehensive three-volume set on the Korean War entitled, Encyclopedia of the Korean War. A Political, Social, and Military History, edited by Spencer C. Tucker. And we are extremely excited about our fall publication of the five-volume set, Encyclopedia of the American Civil War. …

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