Magazine article Social Studies Review

Resources for Economics and Social Studies Teachers and Students

Magazine article Social Studies Review

Resources for Economics and Social Studies Teachers and Students

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Economie Education Organizations

California Council on Economic Education

National Council on Economic Education

Foundation for Teaching Economics

Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco Educational Resources

Junior Achievement asp

Professional Economics Teacher Associations

The California Association of School Economics Teachers (CASET)

The Global Association of Teachers of Economics (GATE)

Foundation for Teaching Economics Professional Teacher Association (PTA)

Student and Teacher Awards and Opportunities

The Nasdaq awards honor excellence in teaching at the high school level with prizes ranging from $1,000 to $25,000. For information go to the following website. http://

The Econ Challenge is a contest for high school students. Winning students from California advance to the regional championships and then, if successful, onto the National Contest in New York, then click on Teacher Tools and Programs.

The National Council on Economic Education sponsors study trips to Eastern Europe for teachers. For information, go to their website.

Online Lesson Plans


Obtain valuable K-12 on-line economic teaching materials and lessons. Connect with other links for current events, news on economics, and economic data.

ECONnections contains standards-based lesson plans adapted from NCEE printed materials for the Internet with interactive activities for students.

Federal Reserve Education

Learn about the Federal Reserve including history, organization, monetary policy, regulatory functions, and services for depository institutions.

Foundation for Teaching Economics Lessons

All of the simulations used in FTE programs are available online

Marco Polo: Internet Connections for the Classroom

Print Lesson Plans:

All of the following are published by the National Council on Economic Education

Teaching Strategies K-2, 3-4, 5-6

The Focus on Economics Series: Interactive lesson plans

Middle School Economics

High School Economics

Personal Decision Making

Economic Systems

International Economics

Civics and Government


United States History

World History

Choices and Changes, 2-4, 5-6, 7-8, 9-10 Emphasizes decision making, investment in skills and knowledge, and school as preparation for life. Literature based and activity oriented.

United States History: Eyes on the Economy: Viewing History with Economic Field Glasses Students examine evidence gathered by economic historians to understand historical events.

Economics and the Environment: Economic Solutions to Environmental Problems In 20 lessons, students learn concepts and principles from the specialty fields of environmental economics, natural resource economics, and ecological economics

The Community Publishing Company: Exploring the Marketplace Through a community-based publishing project, students in grades 3-5 learn how economics works through a series of cross-curricula activities.

The Great Economic Mysteries Book: A Guide to Teaching Economic Reasoning Grades 4-8 Students solve engaging mysteries about everyday life by responding to hints and by applying an "economic way of thinking."

The Classroom Mini-Economy: Integrating economics into the elementary and middle school curriculum A hands on form of instruction that prepares students to function in today's rapidly changing and interdependent economy. …

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