Vocational Education in the 1990s II - Vocational Education

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Vocational Education in the 1990s II Craig Anderson and Lary C. Rampp, editors Prakken Publications, 1993 294 pp., $19.50

Subtitled A Sourcebook for Strategies, Methods and Materials, this collection of articles includes many interesting and timely thoughts on the restructuring of vocational-technical education in this decade. The 16 chapters cover relevant issues of vocational training methodologies, practical applications, implementation strategies, instructional applications and resource information.

Also designed as a text in undergraduate or graduate programs in vocational-technical education, it offers an abundance of recent research information. It best serves as a handy pocket reference for the professional educator who needs relevant information about current issues in vocational education.

The topics are, for the most part, aimed at the practical applications and methods being used in vocational education and how those systems might affect tomorrow's students and those who educate them.

Several chapters, notably Findlay's "Philosophy and Principles of Today's Vocational Education" and Burrell's "Instruction Planning and Competency-Based Design in Vocational Education" point out that vocational educators need to be as informed as possible about the rapid advancements and developments in the area of technological change. Vocational educators need to use this knowledge to keep their programs on the cutting edge of educational reform in America. …