Magazine article Vocational Education Journal

Books - Tech Prep Education by Charles J. Law Jr

Magazine article Vocational Education Journal

Books - Tech Prep Education by Charles J. Law Jr

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TECH PREP EDUCATION By Charles J. Law Jr. Technomic Publishing Co., 1994 $39, 243 pp.

Reviewed by Angelo C. Gilli Sr.

The newest candidate for the tech prep bookshelf is a comprehensive look at the many elements that affect development of tech prep initiatives. Included are components of vocational education, total quality management and integrating academic and vocational education.

The author cautions readers to prepare for the groundwork needed for tech prep. This section might discourage those who could view the development of tech prep as an overwhelming task. He devotes a major part of the book to the "conceptual framework for tech prep."

In chapters eight through 10, Law espouses his theories of how vocational education fits into the overall tech prep framework; however, he weights those chapters with other information that is hardly related. And he again urges the reader to engage in in-depth soul searching prior to starting tech prep.

Practitioners may find his urging to be unrealistic. After all, vo-tech educators have been creating connections between secondary and postsecondary coursework for many years, often with considerable success. Tech prep really is a special twist on a longstanding concern.

The book's many lists tend to detract from the main topic of particular chapters. Also, diagrams do not meet the old proverb that "a picture is worth a thousand words." Instead, it is hard to determine how they fit in with the reading.

Although this book is an attempt to promote tech prep from a scholarly point of view, it falls short. …

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