Two-Way Video Conferencing Puts Law Students in Touch with L

Article excerpt

Law students learning to access the LEXIS-NEXIS online services may soon be able to listen, talk, and search online while their LEXIS-NEXIS representative offers tips and prompts via video conferencing.

The system, currently being evaluated at LEXIS-NEXIS customer sites, allows the customer and a trainer to see each other and any real-time online session which they choose to share. LEXIS/NEXIS demonstrated the system for the first time at the American Association of Law schools convention in New Orleans January 4-8.

The interactive system combines the use of common desktop tools, including the telephone and personal computer, with special software to give LEXIS-NEXIS users unparalleled real-time training and troubleshooting.

Utilizing AT&T WorldWorx Network Solutions and WorldWorx 800 Service, LEXIS-NEXIS training reps and users can talk face-to-face, share live LEXIS-NEXIS sessions, transfer documents, and collaborate on other applications using LEXIS-NEXIS information. The real-tine capability allows fast, efficient instruction on proper selection of information sources, formulating searches, and use of online features such as cite-checkers.

The AT&T Vistium Solutions computer system used in the test included a 486 IBM-compatible processor, mounted digital camera, high-speed modem, AT&T software for audio and video functionality, and LEXIS-NEXIS session manager software. …


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