Mimetics' EasyReader Classic OCR Software Mimics the Human B

Article excerpt

EasyReader Classic software from the French company Mimetics automatically recognizes text on written documents entered through a scanner. Information can then be used in a word processor, database, or other program, thus eliminating the-need to retype documents.

High levels of recognition are achieved, using neural network technology that was initially developed for applications in artificial intelligence. A self-learning system, EasyReader Classic is the first optical character recognition (OCR) product on the market to adopt this technology, which enables the reading of documents with a level of recognition close to that of the human brain. The system's OCR capabilities accurately identify even difficult to read text on poor quality faxes, copies, newsprint, creased letters, or skewed pages.

The software recognizes all fonts and styles such as bold or italic in sizes from six to 72 points. Multi-column, paragraph page formats, and images are automatically identified and accommodated. The output respects the format of the original document. A built-in dictionary improves the recognition accuracy further by recognizing entire words, instead of individual characters. …