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Energy Use in Canada [the Energy Conservation Project]

Magazine article Teach

Energy Use in Canada [the Energy Conservation Project]

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Canadians consume more energy per capita than any other nation on earth. We use twice as much energy per person as the Japanese, and three times as much as the Danish. There are some good reasons for this: we live in a very cold climate; we have great distances to travel just to get from one part of the country to another; we have lots of primary industry which tends to require large amounts of energy. But we are also far from the most conservative energy users on the planet.

Here are a few Canadian energy facts:

- 61% of all electricity used in Canada comes from hydroelectric generation, i.e. dams and other water-powered generators

- in Ontario, however, more electricity is generated through nuclear power plants (39%) than by hydro (27%)

- in the typical Canadian home, 58% of all energy consumption is used for space heating, followed by 22% for water heating, 14% for appliances and 5% for lighting

- natural gas is the most common source of household power (47%), followed by electricity (38%) and oil (12%)

- other types of energy, such as solar, wind or propane make up only 7% of residential energy sources in Canada

- transportation in all its forms (personal and commercial) accounts for 25% of all energy consumed in Canada

- cars and trucks account for the largest portions of total transportation energy use, at 39% each

- air, rail and marine travel combined account for only 21% of energy used in transportation

(Source Destination Conservation's Home Energy Guide, pp. …

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