Okla. Board Gets Its Way: A Black Member

Article excerpt

TULSA, Okla. - The board of trustees governing Oklahoma State UniversityTulsa has rejected Gov. Frank Keating's nominee to replace an outgoing member who is the group's lone Black member.

In saying goodbye last month, Dorothy DeWitty asked the board to fill her position with another Black person.

The board concurred and overrode Keating's appointment of Joel Sander, a finance officer for the Tulsa County Clerk's office. Sander is White.

"To understand my concern you must understand the original covenant between the (University Center at Tulsa] that was passed on to OSU-Tulsa," says DeWitty, who had served since 1985 as a trustee for the University Center and the Tulsa campus.

"In the beginning, it was understood that one of the missions of UCAT was to serve and reflect the urban community, which it resides within. That means north Tulsa, and that means African American representation.

Keating had suggested in April that Sander fill DeWitty's position. …


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