Magazine article Washington Report on Middle East Affairs

The Moral Stakes in Bosnia: A Saudi Muslim; Let the Perpetrators of These Crimes Be Cursed, along with Those Who Could Have Prevented Them

Magazine article Washington Report on Middle East Affairs

The Moral Stakes in Bosnia: A Saudi Muslim; Let the Perpetrators of These Crimes Be Cursed, along with Those Who Could Have Prevented Them

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The Moral Stakes in Bosnia: A SAUDI MUSLIM; Let the Perpetrators of These Crimes Be Cursed, Along With Those Who Could Have Prevented Them

By Khaled Al-Maeena

Emboldened by apathy, indifference and callous disregard by the world community for the plight of the hapless Bosnians, the Serbs have now embarked on the "final solution"--the wiping out of Muslims from Europe. It is shameful that in a city not far from Geneva, Rome and Vienna, people are being butchered to death. Pictures of bodies blown apart by Serb shelling fill newspaper pages. Horror-struck faces of Bosnians, emaciated, dying, ill, flash on television screens.

The Serbs apparently are delighted at what they see. The president of Serbia has a goal--to slaughter all Muslims so that not a trace of Islam will remain in Europe. Look at his record. Yet those Europeans who sleep in warm beds and whose stomachs are full seem oblivious to the genocide taking place around them. Why should they care? Perhaps they are not really distressed at all.

Ethnic cleansing is not new to the West. They watched as Srebrenica was overrun by the Serbs. They watched as poor Muslims lay huddled in holes protecting themselves from bombs and shells in Zepa before it was overrun, looted and burned.

Muslim children and their mothers, some of whom have gone mad, cannot imagine why this is being done to them. What crime have they committed? Of what minor infraction of rules have they been guilty? This catastrophe that has befallen them, as the world approaches the 21st Century, is impossible to justify.

The world's so-called democracies watch and wait. The United Nations, under the cunning Boutros Boutros-Ghali, condemns the Serbs for the 78th time in four years. It listens to the criminal Serb leader Radovan Karadzic's boast: "Threats don't mean anything to us."

The impotence of the U.N. has increased Serbian lust for blood. Airstrikes came too late and were tame. It seems that the Serbs are being rewarded for their acts, said an analyst.

The disunity among the Western nations on policy and military options has contributed to this great tragedy. Only a short flight from Britain, a dark age is descending on thousands of refugees from savagery.

Muslim men were taken away by the notorious Serb warlord General Ratko Mladic--to be accused of being terrorists and then put to death. Literally thousands of people have disappeared. And yet the world watches. No one has made even an appeal for the carnage to stop. And pleas and appeals won't help. The crazed Serbs are systematically killing Muslims while the West watches and the Muslim world wriggles uncomfortably.

Britain is the arch-culprit in this whole bloody drama. It watched and waited and delayed all efforts to stop the Serb advance. Even while British newspapers warned that Mladic, the "Butcher of Bosnia," was about to exterminate Muslims, British officials made all efforts to abort any action against the bloodthirsty Serbs.

Prime Minister John Major has moved from mediocrity to callousness in appointing Malcolm Rifkind as foreign secretary. This man is even more cynical than the former foreign secretary, Douglas Hurd. Britain has shown a total abdication of moral responsibility.

Why be hypocritical? Why not openly say that "we don't care about Bosnia"? Why not say that "a Muslim presence in Europe is an anathema for us"? Why, why and why? A thousand questions come to mind.

And the Scandinavians who shed tears for a hack writer like Taslima Nasreen and whose foreign ministers went to receive her at the airport--what are they doing now? They come out to protect the rights of one person because of her anti-Islamic views. However, thousands of Muslim lives--nay, European ones--don't mean anything, just because they subscribe to a different faith. Shame, I say to them.

The Germans have an agenda of their own. The French now have awakened, but it is a case of too little and too late. …

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