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Magazine article Tikkun


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Dear Reader,

As you read these words in September, we will be approaching Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, a time for personal spiritual transformation. As I write these words in August, I feel that we are on the brink of a new political year-not because of the impending presidential election, but because of the tremendous energy and activity progressives have poured into the events surrounding the party conventions. It's a new day.

That's why I am writing, and why I have named this new, sometime column, "Day by Day." As the managing editor at TIKKUN, I know that a magazine does not just appear in your homes or on the stands, but is the work of many hands, each doing his or her own part day by day. The same is true for spiritual and political transformation: even if one big event seems to change our lives, it's the little things we do every day that prepare the way for that event to happen.

I'd like to use this column to connect you to TIKKUN, day by day. I'll tell you what we are doing for tikkun olam, the repair of the world, and suggest ways for you to join us in that work.

This summer, staff and interns went to the conventions-- some of us to participate in the street demonstrations, some to participate in the "shadow conventions" organized by Arianna Huffington. Some of us remain convinced that the best way to advance social change at this moment is to stop the election of George W Bush, even at the cost of having to work for Al Gore (some of us think highly of Gore). Others of our staff believe that the best way to advance social healing is to build a third party, even if that involves temporarily suffering through a Bush presidency.

That conversation is reflected in the cover story in this issue of TIKKUN, "Saying No to Lesser Evilism." Editor Rabbi Michael Lerner has written a powerful argument for voting your conscience rather than voting your fear. Read it, read the responses and arguments against Michael's position, and start the conversation in your own community. In fact, we are urging you to create a public event in your community, or at least a gathering at your home, at which these issues can be discussed.

Some of our long-time readers will remember the TIKKUN salons we started all across the country several years ago. Now is the time to revitalize those salons. The first such salon could be a discussion of lesser evilism, using this issue of the magazine. …

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