Magazine article Journal of Property Management

Event Marketing

Magazine article Journal of Property Management

Event Marketing

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Our company used the occasion of the firm's 45th anniversary to launch a six-month promotional campaign, which we believe has significantly increased our rentals and occupancy at all of our projects. I believe that with a little planning any company or project could find an "event" or anniversary (whatever year) and build a promotion around it.


Our first step was to involve our employees -- at every level -- in planning for the anniversary celebration. During regularly scheduled training sessions, we held two-hour brainstorming meetings and asked for ideas on how to promote the 45th anniversary.

Our executive management then took the 10 best ideas from each group and developed a plan for an integrated promotional campaign. Each member of a group whose suggestion was finally used received $25. Although the payment was a token, it emphasized that the anniversary activities were a company-wide effort and helped encourage employees to buy into the promotion.

To help coordinate the details of the many planned events, we created a chronological database of every promotion, party, and presentation and the staff person in charge. By keeping all the information on one "control sheet," we helped ensure that events were spaced widely enough to keep stress to a minimum.


We designed special ads highlighting our anniversary and tying into a longevity theme. Each ad carried a list of our properties in the area, as well as our special anniversary logo, which included the tag line, "A Tradition Built on Excellence."

At projects where we were having rental problems, we tied in special rental incentives with our 45th anniversary. For example, one ad promoted the first month's rent at $45 and the deposit at $45. It also included our logo and our features listing.

Each of our rental personnel wore a button with "45" on it. The idea was to prompt prospects and residents to inquire about what the number means and thus give our rental people an opening for conversation. We produced special 45th anniversary flags, which flew from the flagpoles at all of our communities.

To further highlight our anniversary during the promotion as well as on an ongoing basis, we had a 45th anniversary poster printed and framed for prominent display in each rental office. …

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