Pakistani Foreign Minister Says Current Indian Actions Rooted in "Hindu Mythology"

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Pakistani Foreign Minister Says Current Indian Actions Rooted in "Hindu Mythology"

Pakistani Foreign Secretary Shamshad Ahmad says his country now is living in the shadow of a heavily armed Indian regime whose aggressive actions are based on "Hindu mythology." In a July 7 speech delivered before the Asia Society in New York, Ahmad charged that India is using unverified charges of Pakistani terrorist in-filtration into Kashmir and a non-existent threat from China to justify its nuclear weapons program and to raise military threats against Pakistan.

The Pakistani minister, who met with U.S. officials in Washington before making his talk in New York, said India never makes available to Pakistan names or other information to substantiate its claims that it has captured infiltrators from Pakistan into Kashmir. "We say that to verify these charges, let neutral international observers be stationed on both sides" of the line of control that divides the Pakistani- and Indian-occupied portions of disputed Kashmir, Ahmad said. "India has always refused."

Charging that "the facade of an India upholding universal values has finally been lifted," Ahmad said his country now faces an Indian ruling party "whose actions the prime minister justifies in parliament on the basis of Hindu mythology." India boasts of having "a big bomb" and of having acquired from Russia billions of dollars worth of new military equipment, and threatens to build temples on the ruins of mosques and to seize Azad Kashmir, the portion of Kashmir occupied by Pakistani forces, Ahmad said. …


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