Magazine article Washington Report on Middle East Affairs

The Internet, the Middle East, and You: More Middle East Resources

Magazine article Washington Report on Middle East Affairs

The Internet, the Middle East, and You: More Middle East Resources

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The Internet, the Middle East, and You: More Middle East Resources

The World Wide Web of the Internet continues to expand explosively. Already there are more than 30-million websites. A search for the word "Palestine" reveals more than 10,000 sites where Palestine is mentioned and more than 100,000 which mention Israel. Despite the great imbalance, a wealth of balanced Middle East information can be found.

Birzeit University

Last month we mentioned the new site by Birzeit University at The Birzeit site is rapidly becoming the source par excellence for Palestinian information on the Web.

In little more than two months this well-designed and compelling website has grown to include comprehensive sections on Palestinian history, treatment of prisoners, human rights, the changing political geography, a photographic campus tour, and a detailed "Personal Diary of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict" by Nigel Parry (, complete with photographs.

Parry describes the personal diary as a human rights website, "logging the realities of the peace process" in the Ramallah and Birzeit areas where he lives and works. Presently containing about 40 entries and promising many more, Parry acknowledges that his diary is as yet relatively undiscovered. It deserves attention.

At this writing, there are 35 websites in Palestine. The Birzeit site provides links to most of them. From Birzeit's page a visitor will find direct links to:

- -- the Arab Studies Society in Jerusalem;

- -- the Center for Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences;

- -- Birzeit University's Law Center;

- -- Bethlehem University;

- -- A private, non-profit college in East Jerusalem;

- -- The Central Election Commission, providing information about elections and election results, constituencies, election observers and electorial law;

- -- All about water pipes and sewers in the Ramallah District;

- -- The impact on Palestinian health of Israeli closure of access to health services in the West Bank.

- rights reports from the Alternative Information Center in East Jerusalem.

- -- Reports of detentions, house raids, denials of freedom of movement of Birzeit students and faculty, compiled by the Birzeit University Human Rights Project since 1977.

- -- AlAyyam, an online daily newspaper in Arabic from the West Bank.

- -- Palestine's largest newspaper, on line;

- -- The Jerusalem Film Institute, promoting cinema, film and television in Palestine.

The Council for the National Interest

A new, promising, and mostly undiscovered site is that of Paul Findley's Council for the National Interest, CNI, at Here visitors can read about the background, goals and activities of CNI, while learning about Israeli practices and policies in Palestine and the occupied territories.

In-depth sections provide a calendar of recent news from the area, along with specific reports on settlements, political prisoners, U.S. aid to Israel, U.S. policy toward Israel and the positions of the political parties, the ongoing systematic destruction by Israel of the city of Bethlehem, and Binyamin Netanyahu's policies and their effect on the endangered peace process.

A convenient CNI link provides a quick way to look up a visitor's member of Congress, along with a link to send the member e-mail.

Other Sites

- -- Politics and Terrorism by Norman Elliott offers an archive of published reports on some of Israel's actions against U. …

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