Magazine article Washington Report on Middle East Affairs

SAUDI STRAIGHT TALK: Are They Real Advocates of Peace?

Magazine article Washington Report on Middle East Affairs

SAUDI STRAIGHT TALK: Are They Real Advocates of Peace?

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SAUDI STRAIGHT TALK: Are They Real Advocates of Peace?

The advocates of "normalization" with the Zionist enemy and the ardent supporters of "peace" with the Jewish state now present us some glittering new slogans. These so-called advocates insist on holding a dialogue with the supporters of "peace" within the Jewish entity and also forming an alliance with them.

Anees Mansour, an Arab writer and journalist and one of the champions of this proposal, says there are Jews in Israel, America, France and Britain who back Arabs against Israel. There is a "Peace Now" group inside Israel who are "against war, bias, extremism and terrorism" and they "support Arabs," Mansour says.

According to him, we, the Arabs, have failed in effecting close relations with "these supporters who back our cause without showing any greed for our wealth and honor." We don't pay due attention to these "supporters" and don't think of holding any ceremony to honor them as a token of encouragement and appreciation. Because of this sheer negligence on our part, "we lose all such friends of Arabs and peace."

If what Mr. Anees Mansour says is correct, I would like to ask whether anybody would hesitate to enjoy justice from his enemies and see the intellectuals among them trying to stop the enemy's aggression. But the picture is not so bright and shiny as the writer portrays it. It is both exaggerated and unrealistic to label "Peace Now." members as supporters of the Arabs.

Following the slogan of "dialogue with the supporters of peace" and being swayed by emotions only harms the Arab interest and obstructs efforts to reach a comprehensive and acceptable peace settlement between Arabs and Jews.

The Zionist Israelis, who are experts in political maneuvers and tactics, are aiming at some sections of our educated people to break the Arab wall which has stood firm against normalization, and thus open a crack which would be difficult to heal. And by playing into the hands of the Zionists, these people further weaken the Arab position in the negotiations.

It is quite saddening to see the Zionists making significant gains through their political maneuvers.

As Oslo witnessed Israel's success in holding political talks directly with the Palestinians, to the exclusion of other Arabs, Copenhagen saw the Jewish state's victory in breaking into the ranks of Arab intellectuals. The one-on-one PLO-Israeli talks led to the collapse of Arab political unity against the enemy, while the political influence on the intellectuals has damaged the strong Arab stand, which stood against normalization. …

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