Magazine article Washington Report on Middle East Affairs

Stop Aid to Israel

Magazine article Washington Report on Middle East Affairs

Stop Aid to Israel

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Stopping a dialogue with the PLO won't bring peace to the Middle East. But stopping aid to Israel will, and the time to do it has never been more right than now.

Remember Secretary of State James Baker's televised plea to Israel to "call 202-456-1414" when it was ready to talk peace? The White House never got that call, and it never will.

That's because Israel has everything to gain by simply letting the clock tick, while building new settlements as fast as it can.

Israel is using the massive influx of Soviet emigres to hasten its horrific solution to "The Palestinian Problem," and using the US-induced halt in the search for peace to bulldoze more homes while continuing to jail, shoot and kill more Palestinians than ever before.

It is genocide. There is no other word for it. However horrible their history, Israelis learned their lessons well:

Psychologists know that those who abuse were themselves abused, that if conditions are "right," history will repeat itself. That is happening now in Israel.

This writer was hated by Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir as "one of those US Foreign Service Arabists." As area specialists, we studied the history, geography and culture of the area and its people -- Semites all.

Two decades' service in the region and subsequent retirement put this writer and family in an Israeli harbor where we lived for a year aboard our oceangoing ketch. It was there that we engraved forever in our memories Israel's genocide against the Palestinians -- bought and paid for with US tax dollars.

Is it any wonder that Israel Defense Minister Moshe Arens was reported ready to meet only with Defense Secretary Cheney in Washington, as well as Jewish leaders in New York, during his scheduled three-day visit to the US? …

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