Magazine article Washington Report on Middle East Affairs

Muslims Must Pursue Their Goals as a Community

Magazine article Washington Report on Middle East Affairs

Muslims Must Pursue Their Goals as a Community

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Muslims Must Pursue Their Goals As a Community

No one has ever succeeded in defining, or redefining, Islam in a manner either unsupported by or at variance with the Qur'an. Such is the unique status of the Qur'an, and as long as the Qur'an continues to maintain its absolute authenticity and integrity (as it has already for 1,400 years) it will remain the supreme authority which determines the way of life of Islam.

The Qur'an addresses believers on the subject of participation in the politiC process and submission to political authority, and orders the Muslims as follows:

"Oh you who believe (in the Word of God revealed in the Qur'an), obey Allah (i.e., submit to His absolute authority), and obey the Messenger (Muhammad, peace be upon him) and obey those from amongst you who are in (positions of lawfully constituted) authority." [Ch. 4: V. 59]

"And their affairs (including politics) are (conducted) on the basis of mutual consultation amongst themselves (i.e., strictly within their own community)." [42:38]

"And consult with them (i.e., Muslims alone) in the conduct of affairs." [3:159]

When Muslims and non-Muslims coexist in the same state, political relations between the two groups are determined, bilaterally or multilaterally, on the basis of treaties and agreements (including constitutional agreements such as that concluded by the Prophet in Medina). Such treaties and agreements cannot, however, be contracted unless it is on the basis of sovereign equality of all contracting parties and unless it preserves the freedom of Muslims to collectively comply with divine commands -- including those pertaining to peace-keeping, responding to aggression, and the liberation of the oppressed.

It is precisely because it has compromised its independence to respond to aggression that the Muslim world has been forced to stand by helplessly while the most foul and despicable forms of violence are being perpetrated by Christian Serbs, Hindu Indians and Jewish Israelis, in the full light of the New World Order, upon the Muslims, Croats and Serbs who chose political independence for Bosnia, Muslims who are denied self-determination in Kashmir, and Palestinians who are now reduced to resisting with stones the colonization of their land.

Muslims should pursue political goals such as the restoration of morality to politics

It is clear that Muslims cannot participate in the secular political system in North America in the manner permitted to them (and all citizens) without compromising their supreme loyalty to God and violating His commands regarding submission to political authority. Participation would also entail a violation of the example (sunnah) of the Prophet, who determined that Muslims must participate as a community, rather than as individuals, in a plural polity. …

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