Magazine article Washington Report on Middle East Affairs

Peace Must Be for All, Not for Israel Alone

Magazine article Washington Report on Middle East Affairs

Peace Must Be for All, Not for Israel Alone

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Peace Must Be for All, Not for Israel Alone

A couple of decades ago not to talk of Arabism was tantamount to treason. Today to talk of Arabism is to invite skepticism.

Twenty years ago, Arabs could hold a summit at will. Today, foreign ministers like Warren Christopher warn them not to make "hasty decisions."

A couple of decades ago there was a sense of euphoria. Today, the sense is one of bewilderment. The peace process and the race by some to embrace Israel have created a wedge in the Arab world.

There are many who are for peace. But they want a "peace of the equals; a peace with honor." Unfortunately, while the majority of Arabs are opting for this, the majority of Israelis think otherwise. The election of Binyamin Netanyahu and the support for his militant policies that are rabidly anti-Arab reveals the mood of the Israelis.

This mood has been the same since the creation of the illegal Zionist state, which was nurtured by the United States and strengthened to act as a "policeman" in the area. The purpose was to serve the global interests of the United States, not just as a watchdog, but as the master of the area.

This fit well with the United States' plan of Pax Americana. Enforcing the myth of Israeli technological superiority, U.S. proponents of this theory asked for Arab capital to be invested in Israeli industry to make the "Middle East a better place to live."

However, the United States was itself slightly jolted by the loss of its parer in the "peace process" -- Shimon Peres.

The new Israeli prime minister does not care a fig for U.S. pleadings for a more moderate stance. In fact, Netanyahu snubbed U.S. representative Dennis Ross by refusing to see him. The new Israeli prime minister has now embarked on some most provocative actions since assuming his new position.

Reports of Ariel Sharon and Rafael Eitan, the master murderers of Lebanese and Palestinians, being given cabinet posts will not serve the cause of peace. These two have so much blood on their hands that the most shortsighted of Arabs will not fail to see the significance.

There are others, too, who not only have hands stained with blood but have hearts of stone. They will not hesitate to kill, maim and dismember Palestinian women and children at any given chance. Israel's true and ugly face has projected itself for all of us to see several times. …

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