Episcopal Bishops Protest Israeli Invasion

Article excerpt


Christian leaders from around Massachusetts added their voices to those of Episcopal Bishops Roy F. Cederholm Jr., Barbara C. Harris and M. Thomas Shaw, who on Oct. 30 outside the Israeli consulate in Boston called for greater concern for Palestinian rights.

Following the dramatic local expression of Christian concern over the conduct of the Israeli government, Christians and Jews said they were worried that a growing divide over the Israeli-Palestinian conflict might endanger a relationship Christians and Jews have worked hard to forge since World War II.

Christian anger over Israeli conduct increased sharply after Israel invaded Bethlehem and a young Palestinian was shot in Manger Square by the Israel Defense Forces. "There is brokenheartedness for everyone who gets killed in the Middle East," Rev. Nancy S. Taylor, the top minister of the Massachusetts conference of the United Church of Christ, told the Boston Globe. "We have to cry as many tears over Jewish deaths as Palestinian deaths."

Taylor was among the Christian leaders who said they were worried about Palestinians since Israel invaded several West Bank towns. "The bishops did a provocative thing because they were trying to get people to take seriously the urgent situation there," she said, "and while I'm sure it was difficult to do what they did, I think they've called attention to a very deep problem, and that is that there needs to be a Palestinian state within Palestine as well as a state of Israel."

Bishop Margaret G. Payne, top official of the New England synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, agreed. …


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