Magazine article Work & Family Life

Lessons from Home Can Apply at Work

Magazine article Work & Family Life

Lessons from Home Can Apply at Work

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Many of the lessons we learn in our families can apply to the workplace as well. These include motivating people, encouraging self-esteem, dealing with adversity, fostering teamwork, living strong values and ensuring open communication.

For example, by nurturing children's differences, families can create an environment in which everyone grows, individually and together. Applying this thinking to the workplace, we see that people with different backgrounds and skills can create a workplace environment that nurtures growth, both for individual employees and the company as a whole.

Similarly, we learn at home that values are deeply felt-even among young children-and that they endure from generation to generation. In much the same way, values are the fabric that holds a company together, and these values are put forward in a credo or mission statement, which serves as the underpinning of what a company stands for.

In drawing these parallels, we don't mean to imply that the workplace is-or should be-the same as home or that we should be paternalistic at work and that employees are like "children."

Teamwork at home and at work

We encourage our children to play team sports and to work together at home. The power of a group of people operating as a unit, with trust and partnership, is remarkable. Like the best sports teams, the best companies know that they are able to accomplish more through teamwork.

When a group of people get together to tackle a task, at home or in a work setting, the thinking is more thorough and the solutions more creative. …

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