British Economy Survey, 1993-1999 on CD-ROM

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British Economy Survey, 1993 -1999 ON CD-ROM, York Publishing Services and Statistics for Education, 2000, ,C59, ISBN 1 872849 75X, available from Statistics for Education, tel 01279 652183.

This CD-ROM contains the complete text of all the issues of British Economy Survey from Spring 1993 to Spring 1999. It also provides a search facility, a SECOS dataset on the British Economy and student investigations.

It is very simple to use. By clicking on 'Getting Started' you get an explanation of how to use the software but it is fairly self explanatory if you just go straight in and start using it. A good way of finding out how to make the most of the software, especially for a student, is to work through the 'student investigations'. Each of the three 'investigations' guides students through a different aspect of using the software. The first one, Using the BES Database: Unemployment, makes use of the unemployment data to show students how to access statistics, sort and graph them, and copy the resulting tables and graphs into a word processor in order to use them in essays, coursework etc.. In the second student investigation, Investigating data: UK Inflation and the Economy, students are shown the procedures for looking at trends in the economy and the effects of inflation. The last one, Searching BES articles: Interest Rate Enquiry, takes students through the process of searching the journal articles.

The articles themselves are very informative, although getting them altogether like this really highlights the speed at which material in this subject goes out of date - much of the earlier material is really only of historical interest. Not much effort has been put into making the articles visually interesting it is easy to see why many are more attracted to Economic Review and Economics Today. …


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