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"Super-Critical" Management Skills for an Economy in Hyperdrive

Magazine article Workforce

"Super-Critical" Management Skills for an Economy in Hyperdrive

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It's certainly a brave new economy. But are today's managers prepared? After a threeyear conversation with top professors at 16 of the nation's leading graduate schools of business (such as Stanford, Wharton, MIT, Columbia, and NYU), Joe Powell can easily answer that question. Powell is president of Worthing Brighton Press, a Houston-based publishing company formed to study and report on the most significant trends in management and their application to the new economy.

In the firm's Year 2000 "High-Impact Management Survey," (, experts indicate that high-impact managers have always shared 12 performance characteristics. The following six are still very important.

A high level of self awareness.

Knowledge of human motivation.

The ability to allocate limited resources perceptively.

A well-developed personal vision and the ability to sell it.

A well-developed set of personal values.

A commitment to community.

But to be a high-impact player these days, a manager needs a fast-track development plan that includes the following six characteristics, which Powell describes as "super-critical":

Established knowledge and learning networks. Right this minute, you don't know enough to get where you want to be. No one does. Efficient learning has never been more critical, but doing it at a civilized, academic pace will leave you working in the background. High-impact people develop and participate in several ongoing "knowledge networks." By the way, don't limit yourself to technical and professional topics. Build a network of people with whom you can ponder the imponderables. You will find that life's great lessons can be powerfully applied in your career.

The ability to effectively analyze and package complex information. Most business issues won't fit in a clearly defined, nicely wrapped package. …

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