Magazine article The Crisis


Magazine article The Crisis


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Black-Brown Relations

Congratulations on the fine job that you continue to do with The Crisis magazine. The issues you choose to write about are timely and thought-provoking. This latest issue is certainly no exception. If African Americans and our Hispanic brothers and sisters were to become unified, we would become a force to be reckoned with ("Strength in Numbers," January/February 2004). This, of course, would require a lot of work, as both sides would have to see the benefits in doing so, and there are many. Thanks for putting this idea forward.

Alberta K. Wilson

NAACP President

Central Brevard County Branch, Fla.

The Cost of Immigration

University of Memphis sociologist Barbara Ellen Smith wrote that she did not find that Blacks had suffered a significant loss of jobs to Latino immigrants ("Strength in Numbers," January/February 2004). It appears to me that poorly educated people who sneak across our borders will take any jobs they can get, at whatever wage employers are willing to pay them. That has to have a depressing effect upon all wages. Whether Blacks would want the same jobs that illegal aliens take or not, other job prospects must be affected by the downward pressure on wages.

The masses of illegal entrants and our country's generous rate of legal immigration has to lead to downgrading of life for all Americans sharing limited resources. This, plus overcrowding everywhere, is reason enough to secure our borders against illegal entry.

Carleton W. Brown

Elkton, Md.

Power to the People

Spencer Overton's brilliant analysis of how private money undermines participatory democracy shores up the racist nature of U.S. politics ("The New Poll Tax: What Blacks Need to Know About Campaign Finance," January/February 2004). Our Voting Rights Movement was not merely a call for passive participation to vote for surrogates, but rather for an active role to elect ourselves as our own advocates. …

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