Magazine article Herizons

Inside the Academy and Out

Magazine article Herizons

Inside the Academy and Out

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Identity politics takes a critical approach to empowerment. It attempts to destabilize heteronormative notions of identity. Post-Stonewall, strength is limited and much of the theoretical work on visibility politics inside the academy has the following paradox: Invisibility is a sure sign of oppression, but visibility offers its own dangers to marginalized people.

Ironically, despite the flaws of identity-based movements, accusations of being out of touch with the common folk, their attempts to lessen the effects of discrimination and societal oppression only serve to strengthen the identities themselves.

There is a dearth of effective social and political action in support of lesbian and gay rights. Writings on this subject are often no more than sophisticated "navel gazing," ignoring the need for effective community action.

Inside the Academy and Out focuses on the question of identity. Editors Taylor and Ristock take as their approach the pedagogical and theoretical insights offered by lesbian/gay/queer studies and show how these can have relevance to a wider social audience.

The contributors to this volume come from a wide range of fields including English, education, philosophy, sociology and women's studies. The essays are divided into two areas: pedagogy and research and spheres of action. They explore teaching and research theory, examining their implications in such areas as AIDS education, social services, law reform and popular culture.

The first section brings together a series of papers on teaching and research theory focusing on scholarly practice. …

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