Magazine article Herizons

Beyond Don't Dreaming Past the Dark

Magazine article Herizons

Beyond Don't Dreaming Past the Dark

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Elly Danica's long-awaited second book is as engrossing to read as Don't was, though in a completely different way.

The voice in Don't bristled with visceral outrage, as it bore witness to a father's habitual sexual attacks upon a girl child. Beyond Don't traces the arduous journey of the adult woman, bearing her own self slowly toward spiritual wholeness. The voice here is lucid and impassioned, as it traces the pain and the hope involved in dreaming past the dark.

The first part of the journey, chapter one, fills out the narrative of her childhood and young adult life. "Several lifetimes of keening and weeping could not express my sorrow. It is boundless and will resound...into eternity.....I have been terribly betrayed."

Given the tremendous success of Don't, we may have thought that Danica experienced profound support, confirmation and a sense of helping end a terrible and prevalent transgression upon children.

On the contrary, aside from a few supportive, indepth interviews (like Peter Gzowski's), media reaction was often perverse, putting the spotlight on her, not on her father, his cronies or the societal problem. Interviewers wanted to know titillating details, or to accuse her of hating all men, or to assert she is too healthy to have been abused, or conversely, too extreme to be believed. Forceful as her first book was, it did not move the population to take decisive action to stop incest. …

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