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Go Slow

In response to your article ("All Work, All the Time," September 2000), I feel that we do have an option to reduce our workloads and enjoy being with the ones we love. We choose not to! There is a fear when it comes to "slowing down and smelling the coffee." If you don't keep up the pace, someone is right behind you to take over, or, as you pointed out, technology will. A couple of years ago, there was a huge campaign to get people to "slow down" and take time for self, family, and friends. Then came the boost in the Internet and the Web craze. What ever happened to that philosophy? Did greed take over again? It's too bad that Americans couldn't learn something from our European friends because sometimes, by the time we figure out what is REALLY important, it's too late!

Patti Enfanto

Via the Internet

Quality vs. Quantity

I read with interest your editorial (` All Work, All the Time," September 2000), all the while shaking my head in sorrowful agreement with your assessment of the American work place. How far we have fallen in the name of technology and profit.

As things would have it, I have spent the last 14 years toiling as a salaried agent for three different major national retail chains, who preach a work/life balance but never delivered. More recently I landed a position with a custom-clothier based in Europe. The contrast in employee relations is staggering... Though I was hired on with no tenure, I was given three weeks vacation and promised weekends off and the chance to have dinner with the family, EVERY NIGHT.

To date, I have enjoyed two of my three weeks' vacation, and have not once been asked, pressured, or threatened to work overtime in any way, except by choice. The European thinking is diametrically opposed to the United States, in that they believe time with family is truly important, regenerative, and crucial to their employees' best mental outlook and attitude. …

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