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Magazine article Drug Topics


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You saved her life A few months ago, my tech and I were going through your cover story on skin cancer (July 5). We noticed that a picture in the article resembled a mole on her forearm that doctors had dismissed for years. I nagged her for weeks that she should have it checked out. It seemed to change colors overnight and got very dark. She went to her doctor and had it removed. Diagnosis: MALIGNANT MELONOMA. She is now seeing a dermatologist who stated, "We did not figuratively save her life ... We literally did!" This lady survived breast cancer three years ago, and apparently the malignant melonama was very aggressive. Thank you so much for your clear, concise article and photographs.

Pamela M. Patrick-Curley, R.Ph., P.D. Debra Reglin, Pharmacy Tech Donna Myers [] Kmart 7560

Too busy to participate

I am responding to the article on pharmacists not obtaining disease management credentials in your September issue. The reason is that the cost is high, pharmacists are not paid for any consultation, and most pharmacists have the phone ringing constantly and people waiting for their prescriptions. Thus they do not have the time to spend on disease management consultation.

Robert E. Hackney


Give the addicted a break

I would like to take a moment to respond to Mr. Shubert's comments on the article "Does stress up RPh.s' substance abuse?" (Drug Topics, Aug. 2), in which I was quoted. First, let me say that neither I nor any of my colleagues in the field of pharmacy or addiction would condone self-medication with controlled substances or, for that matter, any other "legend" product (that includes ibuprofen 800mg). …

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