Magazine article Sea Classics

Special Warfare Submersibles

Magazine article Sea Classics

Special Warfare Submersibles

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The sophistication of modern warfare has led to the development of a special breed of submersibles for Navy SEAL teams.

The outstanding mobility of the US Navy's elite SEALs is due in large part to the specialized boats and craft which can deploy them wherever needed to meet the demands of national security. Submersibles extend their domain while enhancing stealthy operations. As always, the element of surprise is a key advantage in the missions of Naval Special Warfare across a broad range of conditions. SEAL DELIVERY VEHICLE (SDV)

The ability to travel below the surface of the water is provided by the SEAL Delivery Vehicle. This important asset of the NSW inventory can carry crew and passengers equipped with their own underwater breathing equipment on reconnaissance and search and recovery missions. It is powered by an electric system with rechargeable batteries and manually controlled. Accurate navigation is enabled by a computerized system which displays critical information such as directional heading, speed, distance traveled, and depth.

An improved version, the Mark VIII MOD 1, called the "Gator"-- class, features a quiet direct current motor of 18-horsepower which increases speed considerably. It also has a much greater range.


SEAL Delivery Vehicles can be deployed from submarines fitted with a Dry Deck Shelter. Depending on the mission at hand, one or two SDVs can be accommodated in the hangar of the DDS aboard a host sub. …

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