Magazine article Medical Economics

Letters to the Editors

Magazine article Medical Economics

Letters to the Editors

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It's attitude-not the Net-that's dissolving the doctor-patient bond

FP Louis McCormick laments how patients bombard him with printouts they retrieve online, and tells of his tense encounter with a patient's mother, who insisted on a second opinion for her son's mosquito bite ["Hey, Doc, I found this on the Internet," Memo From the Editor's Guest, Aug. 7]. The woman seemed short on respect for McCormick.

If I had written this editorial, I'd have added one more thing. Like McCormick, I refer patients who request a second opinion. However, if I had to deal with this demanding mother, I would explain to her that if she doesn't trust me to diagnose a mosquito bite, she needs to find a new doctor. I'd back this up with a certified letter terminating our professional relationship.

As a private solo practitioner, I weed out the users and manipulators to free up appointments for patients who are interested in what I have to say, not just in what I can do for them.

Susan Weaver Haven, MD

Jefferson, GA

The key to a grand vacation:

A great travel agent

I heartily agree with "When a human travel agent is your best choice:' the sidebar accompanying Risa Weinreb's article on finding online travel information ["Plan your next vacation on the Internet," Sept. 41. As the 1999 Doctors! Writing Contest winner, I took a once-in-a-lifetime trip to London, Paris, and Amsterdam.

Sheri Simon of Adventours, Maywood, NJ, helped my three daughters and me arrange the perfect vacation. For a single parent, taking time out of a busy practice and home life to search the Internet was not an option. Sheri deftly assembled a travel package that included beautiful accommodations, tours, theater tickets, and museum passes, and she even gave me sound advice on places that my teenagers might like to go without me.

For a complicated trip, hiring a superb agent is priceless. …

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