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Let's Talk

Magazine article Business Credit

Let's Talk

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How many times throughout your professional career has someone said to you,"When you have a second, let's talk?" Whether it has been your boss who has wanted an update on credit related issues or one of your employees who has wanted to discuss a problem, you've probably heard this expression more times than you can count.The key is that you have talked-talked over issues and problems, bounced ideas around with someone and shared successes or discussed ways to find a solution.Through open conversation, you have had an opportunity to listen and learn and have had input into shaping ideas and solutions.

It's amazing what you can learn through open conversation. I can't tell you how many times during a casual conversation about a problem that I've heard someone say, "I didn't know that." Conversation fosters a sharing of information which leads to sound decision making and problem solving. Open conversation creates a positive atmosphere which leads to a sharing of thoughts, ideas and expertise.

Most importantly, open conversation and true sharing of ideas leads to buy in. Everyone wants to contribute and to feel that they are part of a solution. In today's business environment, where we are rushed to do more with less and have to prioritize on a day-to-day basis, we have a tendency to simply not take the time to talk with one another and more importantly, to listen to one another.We get trapped in a time crunch and overlook the value of open conversation. We begin to make decisions on our own and unknowingly, create a closed environment, shutting out new ideas.

Another key to open conversation is listening carefully. Not only do you have to make the effort to hear more than you want to, but you also have to make an effort to really understand what is being said. Breaking through our own personal "listening" barriers is a true challenge, but it will lead to a true understanding of what's being communicated.

As your National Chairman, one of my goals continues to be to open the lines of communication at all levels of NACM. Whether that conversation is between me and you-the NACM member-or whether the conversation is at the National Board level, the Local Board level, the National Committee level, or between Affiliate Managers and myselfmy goal continues to be open communication.

Your National Board is striving to communicate with each other and with your local Boards and local Affiliate Managers. Each one of your twelve National Directors has been given the challenge of calling both local Board Chairmen and Affiliate Managers on a monthly basis to talk over problems, issues, or simply share successes. …

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