Magazine article Personnel Journal

HR's Got Personality

Magazine article Personnel Journal

HR's Got Personality

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The 16 Personality Factors Instrument(R) used to help Motorola's HR team members understand what drives their behavior, and how their personality affects their approach to their jobs.

Here are a few examples of how these personality factors play themselves out in behavior:

Cool/Warm Social Orientation

People with a cool orientation are objective in their relationships with people, but sometimes have difficulty connecting with others, tending to be critical and aloof. People with a warm social orientation have a strong need for approval from others, so strong that they bend their own needs to satisfy other people.

A professional with a cool social orientation will likely give a peer who has a warm social orientation less positive feedback than that person would like. The professional with the warm orientation may overcompensate by trying to work more intensely with his or her peer, an action that could make a cool-oriented person uncomfortable. Knowing the differences in work style can help these two relate to each other more effectively.


Those who score low in this category overreact to stress and risk, and avoid speaking up with their good ideas at meetings. Those who score high are adventuresome and uninhibited, speak up with their ideas, take risks in meeting people and handle rejection well. …

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