Magazine article Nutrition Health Review

New Products of Interest

Magazine article Nutrition Health Review

New Products of Interest

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EDITOR'S NOTE: Nutrition Health Review did not receive payment for presenting these products, nor does Nutrition Health Review have financial ties with the manufacturers. The appearance of these products on this page does not constitute an endorsement or a recommendation by Nutrition Health Review.

Do you toss and turn throughout the night, or are you a healthy, sound sleeper? The BedMate® sleep meter by IM Systems (Baltimore) may offer an answer.

This is the first consumer product of its kind for monitoring the quality of sleep in the comfort of one's own bed.

Worn like a wristwatch, the meter analyzes body movements and computes a sleep profile for the entire night. There is no guessing about how well the person has slept or how many good nights of sleep he or she has had. The sleep patterns that this innovative device uncovers may be very surprising.

To order the meter and the optional software for graphing and printing nightly scores, call (toll-free): 888-513-5960, or visit

Many Americans enjoy convenient snacks that are full of fat and sugar. At work or on the road, it seems that a healthy person's choices are limited.

A much more healthful choice-and equally convenient-is soy chips, which are more filling and are lower in fat, calories, and carbohydrates than regular potato chips.

Each serving of Baked Pasta Soy Chips contains 7 grams of soy protein, 70 percent less fat than regular potato chips, no saturated fat, no hydrogenated oils, no cholesterol, and only 1 gram of sugar.

Silver Lake Research Corporation, a California-based environmental biotechnology firm, has introduced the Watersafe® drinking water test product line. …

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