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Fulfilling Campaign Pledges

Magazine article VFW Magazine

Fulfilling Campaign Pledges

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When George W. Bush was campaigning for the presidency, he promised to make the armed forces an overriding concern.

By all indications, President George W. Bush has assembled an impressive foreign policy team. That team will determine how and when U.S. troops are deployed abroad for the next four years. Statements issued by the President, cabinet secretaries and his advisers appear to be in line with policies as expressed in VFW resolutions throughout the 1990s. VFW members have long advocated that military intervention be coupled with a clear and vital national interest.

For instance, VFW resolutions regarding the Balkans-Bosnia and Kosovohave consistently called for replacement of GIs on the ground with European troops. Other NATO countries clearly have the manpower and wealth to do so.

George W. Bush voiced similar sentiments during the campaign. His idea of reevaluating overseas troop commitments is long overdue and logical. All actions, he said, would be taken in consultation with our allies and conducted gradually.

Secretary of State Colin Powell said: "Our armed forces are stretched rather thin, and there is a limit to how many of these deployments we can sustain ... We're not cutting and running. We're going to make a careful assessment of it in consultation with our allies."

The new Administration's foreign and defense policies may be said to rest on the three "Rs"-redefine, restructure and re-deploy. That is, redefine the global mission of the military, restructure the armed forces and re-deploy GIs to stations that serve vital national interests. …

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