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Jesta Minute

Magazine article VFW Magazine

Jesta Minute

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When the girlfriend opened her box of Valentine chocolates, she found that the box was empty. Instead of candy she found this note: "This 2-lb. box of chocolates has been eaten in your name."

Arthur King, Altus, Okla.

A mother mouse and her new babies were out for a walk when they were suddenly confronted by a cat.

The mother mouse started barking like a dog, and the cat backed off.

Turning to her little ones, the mother mouse said: "And that, children, will teach you the value of a second language."

Kim Damiano, Tucson, Ariz.

There were three young boys who wanted to hear who could tell the wildest story. One of the boys said his uncle had taken him fishing and they caught 100 fish and each one weighed over 25 pounds.

The second boy, not to be outdone, said he had gone to the forest one day and had encountered a huge black bear with an attitude. He thought he was done for, but all of a sudden out of nowhere came a small black dog with an even larger attitude. He grabbed the bear by the throat, took him down and saved the young boy's life.

The third boy said, "Yes, that was my dog."

Joe Robert Gonzalez, Mariposa, Calif

Frustrated Father: When I was a youngster, I was disciplined by being sent to my room without supper.

But my son has in his room a color television, a computer, a CD player and a radio. So where should I send him?

I decided to send him to my room.

Ben Karwacki, Homewood, Ill.

Sergeant: "So, you're complaining of finding sand in your soup."

Private: "That's right, Sarge."

Sergeant: "Did you join the Army to serve your country or to complain about the food? …

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