Magazine article Psychotherapy Networker

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Magazine article Psychotherapy Networker

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Vol. 27 -- No. 5

The power of purpose


Living on Purpose By Katy Butler

If therapists wish to be seen as experts in the technology of human transformation in the 21st century, they'll need to expand their repertoire. They might start by taking a look at what the collaborative work of former journalist Tony Schwartz and sports psychologist Jim Loehr demonstrates about the crucial therapeutic impact of such nonpsychological factors in people's lives as physical fitness, work hours, the need for rest, and connection to a sense of deeper mission.

5 Techniques of Effective Change

How simple practices, drawn from the wisdom of both the temple and the tennis court, can help translate vague aspirations into a life worth living.

See How They Run By William Doherty

We're facing a new threat to childhood and family life, one disguised as fun, achievement, healthy competition, and keeping kids busy. And therapists need to start talking about it with their clients.

Creating Community Solutions-- 44

If we want to have any impact on an out-of-control culture, we need to get out of our offices and into the hurly-burly of public life.

The Experience of Soul By Michael Ventura

Sometimes therapy isn't about solutions, but about stripping life down to the essentials; about feeling something deep within us that's unspeakably private and, at the same time, connects us to everything and everyone around us.

Advice to a Young Therapist By Mary Pipher

Clinicians need to learn that problems are sometimes decades in the making. …

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